Tom Brady’s Son Voted Most Likely to Succeed by Pre-Schoolmates

LOS ANGELES, California—Benjamin Brady, the six year-old son of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has been voted Most Likely to Succeed by his classmates at Crowning Heights Pre-School for their yearly school Who’s Who.

“Benny absolutely deserves this recognition,” says teacher Kristy Brown, “He’s definitely earned his own way. Nothing is given to this young man.”

Brown says that from the very first day of school, Brady exhibited traits common among successful people, and quickly earned the respect of his peers.

“The kid’s just a natural leader,” says Marisa Miller, a longtime family friend, “I could tell, the minute his parents met, that he was going to go a long way in life.”

Brady was also named Best Athlete, Best Looking, and Most Talented by his classmates.

“Benny is a great example to his classmates,” Brown says, “That hard work, determination, an iron will and incredibly attractive and wealthy parents is all you need to become a success.”



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