Wilmer Valderrama Reviews Sex with Caitlyn Jenner

Each week BWN special correspondent Wilmer Valderrama reviews the sexual prowess of the various Hollywood starlets he has bedded during his illustrious career.  This week, Wilmer reviews brand new human being Caitlyn Jenner.

By Wilmer Valderrama

Having already have had love to all other of members with the Kardashian family program, I, Wilmer Valderrama, were have been surprised by to learn of the existence of the eldest of sisters, Caitlyn Jenner. It is truly is impossible to keep up with those Kardashians!  LOL!

It were truly a classy moment upon where I having first encountered Lady Caitlyn Jenner, whom have instructed to me to address her as Lady Caitlyn Jenner, which is truly indeedly classy.  Lady Caitlyn Jenner is most glamorous woman to having met I, Wilmer Valderrama.

Whilst it is a parent where Lady Caitlyn Jenner practices the Crossfit Games, it were still a surprising how powerful that luscious flower can become.  Her hands were akin to being held in advice and unable to movement.  Whereupon.

And one another thing.  Lady Caitlyn Jenner has become the eldest woman I, Wilmer Valderrama, who has made to love on.  Happily I agreed to perform cunning linguists at her, where I understated that after many many years a women’s genials will beginning to melt and become strangely looking upon.  But still were lucky to be between these powerfully thighs.  Lady Caitlyn Jenner provided to me the world’s most beautiful orgasmic.  Even if I were to became unfortunately brain dead, I would never have forgotten of her.

10 out of 4 Wilmer Valderrama’s


Wilmer Valderrama is an A-list actor and star of That 70s Show and one would assume that he has tried his hand as a music producer.



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