Woman Able to Determine Which Female Co-Workers She’ll Hate Within Minutes of Starting New Job

BASTROM, Ohio–Katie Hobbs, a 24 year-old accountant, displayed remarkable abilities to determine which of her fellow female co-workers are most likely to have negative personality traits or undesirable social habits within moments of being introduced to her new team today as she started her job at Bastrom Chrysler Auto Sales.

“Did you see how that Katie girl was dressed?” Hobbs noted after meeting administrative assistant Katie McIntyre, “Is she going to work or to the club?”

Hobbs also quickly ascertained that accounting manager Claudia Stone tries to act like she is able to keep off her weight through diet and exercise, even though she clearly had lunch at Pizza Hut and has a container in her purse that closely resembles a diet pill bottle.

“And Cynthia shook my hand and then looked away,” Hobbs observed, before hinting that saleswoman Cynthia Moore also seemed to roll her eyes, “I guess she feels threatened or something.  Like I even care.”

Hobbs added that she doesn’t even worry about what any of the other women she works with think because she stays away from that kind of drama.

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