White House to Hold Open Casting Call for Upcoming False Flag Production

WASHINGTON, D.C.–White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today that the Obama administration will be holding open casting calls in several U.S. cities to fill roles in an as yet untitled False Flag project slated for production later this year.

“We will be looking to cast nearly 200 roles,” Earnest said of the project, “So it’s pretty epic in scope.  About half of those will be grade-school age kids.  A lot of redneck types.  And there may be opportunities to work on future projects, as well.”

Earnest declined to discuss the nature of the project, only to say that it would be the largest-scale event attempted by False Flag Productions, the Obama administration’s in-house production team.

“We’ve tapped director Ben Jade to helm the project,” Earnest said, “We’ll be on location in several southwestern states throughout the summer.  It’s gonna be huge.”

In the past, the White House has let it be known that Barack Obama’s legacy will be largely determined by the success of the dozen or so False Flag events he has overseen during his time in office.  Earnest confirmed that the production team had that legacy in mind when this project, which Jade will helm, was in the planning stages.

“Obviously, that’s why we had to have Jade helm this thing,” Earnest said, “Everything Jade helms is a smash.  If Jade helms an episode of Mike and Molly, it will be the best episode of Mike and Molly ever.  So why wouldn’t we have Jade helm the greatest False Flag event during Barack Obama’s presidency?”

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