Country Song Praising Obama Not Getting Much Airplay

President Obama prepares to film his cameo in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie


NASHVILLE–Country music artists and fans are holding firm on their long-time anti-Obama stance, even in the face of an extraordinarily catchy song by former pop star, Jewel, which contains several pro-Obama lyrics.  The song, The President is Hanging, has failed to crack the top 200 country song chart, even with a title that some critics say is purposely misleading.

“The title actually has multiple meanings,” Jewel says, “For one, the president is hanging in there in the face of adversity.  It’s uplifting.  For another, I mean, he’s a black guy, you figure it out.  I thought it was fun to play with his sex appeal.  It’s only a shame that country audiences aren’t sophisticated enough to understand the poetry of my lyrics.”

Initially, the song title was enough to convince some radio programming managers to give the song a chance, but fans were quickly complaining.  Stan Waterson, a disc jockey at K100.1, The Shitkicker, says he was inundated by angry calls from his listeners almost immediately after he debuted the song.

“People were pissed,” Waterson says, “There’s a certain expectation with a title like that.  The country fans I know talk a lot about wanting to string up the president, and when you announce a song called The President is Hanging, they’re gonna be pretty worked up automatically.  Then they hear the lyrics actually casting a positive light on Obama?  You got some pissed off rednecks.”

Singer Brad Paisley, who recently alienated country fans by releasing a duet with rapper LL Cool J, says he isn’t surprised by the song’s reception.

“When I did the song with LL, it was almost to prove to myself that country fans weren’t total racist dipshits,” Paisley says, “But basically what happened was I realized that, yes, they are.  I mean totally.  Like violently.  The sad thing is, Jewel’s song is pretty catchy.  It’s almost like Taylor Swift wrote it.”

For her part, Jewel is pushing forward with her country music career.  The singer, who turned to the lowered expectations of country music after her pop career fizzled, still plays the song at her concerts, usually to resounding boos.  Music critics say it’s that attitude that just might get her through another rough patch in her career.

“Did she really call her lyrics ‘poetic?'” asks Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone magazine, “I love it when she says shit like that.  What a pretentious cunt!”

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