Seattle Seahawks Forget Marshawn Lynch at Airport

Lynch apparently blended in too well with other travelers

SEATTLE, Washington–Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is reportedly frantically searching for transportation back to Glendale, Arizona after discovering that the team left the city without star running back Marshawn Lynch following their loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

Sources confirm that Carroll became overcome with guilt upon learning he had forgotten the enigmatic Lynch at the airport.  “What kind of coach forgets about his best player?” Carroll reportedly asked remorsefully after being told there were no available seats to Glendale until the following day.

At press time Carroll was attempting to persuade a fellow traveler to share a rental car from Washington to Arizona to retrieve his neglected running back, saying “I feel like the worst coach in the world.  But I promise, if I make it back to Marshawn, I’m never going to forget him again.”

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