Hershey’s Reintroduces Chocolate-Covered Razorblades for Halloween

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania–Just in time for Halloween, Hershey Corp., a division of ACME Corp., has announced it will be bringing back its classic chocolate-covered razorblade candies for a limited time.  The delicious, and often fatal, sugary treat is fondly remembered by consumers who grew up in the 70s and 80s when parents would warn their children about homicidal neighbors who wanted nothing more than to poison or maim trick-or-treaters with booby-trapped candy.

“These chocolate-covered razorblades will appeal not only to parents’ sense of nostalgia, but also to their more adventurous children,” said Hershey spokesman Barry Jackman, “One bite into a chocolate-covered razorblade and you’ll be transported to an earlier, more innocent time, and also to the hospital.”

Jackman said Hershey plans to extend its throwback themed candies into lollipops as well by including one cyanide-laced sucker in each bag of 100.

“This is the first step in launching a new, edgy, marketing campaign for Hershey Corp.,” Jackman explained, “We want people to feel a sense of danger any time they bite into a delicious Hershey treat.  Our candy can be looked at both as fun and tasty and a teaching opportunity for parents who want to convey to their children the random nature of life–and death–on this planet.”

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