Bumbling Terrorist Organization Gets VH1 Reality Show

NEW YORK CITY–Cable television network VH1 announced its summer schedule, which will feature several new high-profile reality programs from stars such as Tyra Banks and several new Love + Hip Hop spinoffs, as a well as a one hour program that follows members of the Syria Iraqi State of Islam (SISI) an offshoot of the Islamic State.

“We’re really excited about Almost Deadly, which follows SISI members as they try to make their mark on the world of big-time terrorism,” said Doug Herzog, president of Viacom, “It has just the right balance of comedy and human drama mixed in with several attempted mass murders.”

In a clip shared with media members, Abdul, the show’s breakout star, can be seen struggling to detonate a suicide vest in a crowded marketplace, only to have it detonate after he angrily throws it in a rubbish bin back at SISI headquarters, covering his fellow terrorists with the scraps of the previous night’s dinner.

“Some media folks have said they think it’s fake,” Herzog said, “But I can assure you that Abdul was sincerely trying to slaughter dozens of innocent people, along with himself.  That’s the humorous part.  And suicide vests aren’t supposed to be that hard to operate, which you’ll see in a future episode.”

Herzog assured reporters that Almost Deadly won’t show any actual terror attacks during the first season, due to the fact that SISI still hasn’t carried any out successfully.  But he said that may change if the show is picked up for additional seasons.

“We really think we have a winner with Almost Deadly,” Herzog said, “There is so much potential for comedy, especially as you watch these guys screw up one terror plot after another, oftentimes blowing themselves up in the process.  But those moments also create drama as the audience says goodbye to beloved characters.  It’s must-see TV.”

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