Supreme Court To Hear Desperate Pleas of 6 Million Americans Born Between 1940 and 1945


Desperately pleading

By Victor Miller

BWN Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON, D.C.–In a rare show of clemency, The Supremes agreed to hear the sons and daughters of The Greatest Generation’s argument for why they should not be put in rockets and sent into infinite orbit to free up the valuable space they have been taking up for the past 70+ years.

“We never meant any harm”, writes Raleigh Plune, 75, spokesperson for the surviving “wastes of skin” who were born just before and during World War II.

“We just never wanted to rock the boat, so we pretty much took what our parents gave us at great personal sacrifice and took care of it. Not many of us went on Freedom Bus Rides, I’ll grant you, because ‘Separate But Equal’ made sense to our elders, so it was okay and the Viet Nam War was protested mostly by the kids who came after us and it really threatened to tear our country apart.”

Doctor Patience Stroymeyer, neurological Professor at the Paul Simon Institute, has advanced the theory that the mothers of these “war babies” were under such emotional strain before and during the period their husbands were fighting abroad, they produced babies who would choose safety and comfort for the rest of their lives. She refers to it as the “one talent servant demographic”, linking the generation to the Biblical parable in Matthew in which the faithful servant buries the single talent he is given by his demanding master, thereby producing nothing new of value.

Chief Justice Naylor dePriest has stated publicly on Facebook that, “These Bozos lived off the fat of the land and didn’t do diddlysquat except get their own kids into Harvard, Yale and Princeton. If it were solely up to me, I’d shoot ‘em all.”

The case is set for a hearing this Fall.

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