Third Muppet Accuses Frank Oz of Sexual Assault

Caught in the act?

LOS ANGELES–Frederick J. Sorenstein, who for nearly 40 years has played the role of Fozzie Bear on The Muppet Show and a dozen Muppet-focused motion pictures, has come forward to accuse director Frank Oz of sexual assault, joining two other Muppets who have made similar accusations in recent days.

“From the first day we worked together, (Oz) had his hands all over me, oftentimes inside me,” said Sorenstein, “It started out sort of playful, just a little wrestling and stuff.  But very quickly he was penetrating me on a daily basis.”

Sorenstein joins actress Amy Piggy–better known by Muppet enthusiasts as Miss Piggy–and Paddy O’Brien in accusing the legendary puppeteer of sexual assault.

O’Brien, who played the iconic role of Yoda in the Star Wars films, was the first to break his silence when he addressed longstanding rumors of Oz’s sexual indiscretions and recounted the first time Oz assaulted him during a recent performance of his one-Muppet show Actually, There is a Try.

“Tonight when home you get,” O’Brien told the audience,”Sexual predator Frank Oz is, Google you must.”

O’Brien had been blasting Oz onstage for comments the puppeteer has made over the years seemingly critical of some Muppets’ behavior.

Oz has so far refused to comment on the accusations, although his attorney has released a statement calling the charges “ludicrous, baseless, and brainless ramblings from a group of glorified sock puppets.”

But O’Brien and the others aren’t backing off of their accusations, as O’Brien took to the airwaves recently to tell his story to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“Stole my youth, he did,” O’Brien told Cooper, “To anyone else, happen this must not.  So sue him, I will.”

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