Obama Growing Weary of Mowing White House Lawn

The President is also responsible for planting the White House trees and gardens

WASHINGTON, D.C.–White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that President Obama is currently accepting bids from local lawn maintenance professionals for the care and maintenance of the White House lawn and garden areas.  The announcement drew intense criticism from GOP leaders who called the move another example of the Obama administration’s out of control spending.

“It’s just another example of the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by this out-of-touch president,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif), “I suppose Obama needs to free up his weekends for more rounds of golf.”

Earnest defended the move, saying it would free up the president to focus on more pressing matters in both foreign and domestic affairs.

“Do you think ISIS pauses its reign of terror every Saturday morning while the president is doing yard work?” Earnest asked, “Do you think illegal immigrants wait around at the border while President Obama finishes up the weed eating?  I can pretty confidently tell you the answer is no, to both questions.”

Earnest said President Obama awakens before sunrise every Saturday morning to check the fluids and sharpen the blades on Cub Cadet One before starting to mow the nearly 17 acre compound, usually finishing well after dark.

“The president usually only takes one short lunch break,” Earnest said, “And often times he will have to finish trimming the hedges on Sunday.  Hiring an outside contractor will allow President Obama to focus more on foreign policy, and maybe give him a chance to catch a football game.”

Still, McCarthy questions the timing of the announcement and says the move is an insult to Americans who can’t afford to pay someone to mow their own lawns, but are forced to watch their tax dollars go toward Obama paying someone to mow his.

“It’s basically a slap in the face to the average American,” McCarthy said, “Much like in 2012, when Michelle Obama hired an outside cleaning lady to vacuum the White House carpet and do light housework.  But it doesn’t matter what I say, the Obamas are going to do what they want, America be damned.”

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