ISIS Releases Video Defending Bill Cosby

SAMARRA, Iraq–In a new video posted to an ISIS social media account, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-baghdadi summarized the militant group’s victories in 2014 and outlined the schedule for the remainder of the year and also included a spirited defense of comedy legend Bill Cosby.

“As long as there is one ISIS member breathing, our mission will go on,” al-baghdadi says in the video, “We defy injustice and the moral corruption that pervades the west.  And can we please give Bill Cosby a break?  He’s Cliff Huxtable, for Allah’s sake.  Why would all these women take so long to come forward if these horrific allegations were true?”

In the ten minute video, al-baghdadi also reminds ISIS commanders the group will be only working a half day on Christmas Eve.  ISIS members will then be off with pay until Jan. 2, 2015.

“We will also be having our Christmas party at one p.m. on December 24th, so don’t forget to bring your Secret Santa gift,” al baghdadi continues, “And remember there is a $25 limit on gifts this year.”

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