Obama Proud to be First and Last Black President

One is the loneliest number

WASHINGTON, D.C.–President Barack Obama visited Greenwood Elementary School today where he read to third grade students and answered questions on a range of topics.  The president revealed his favorite NBA player–Larry Bird–and that Clint Eastwood is his favorite actor.  Then President Obama became introspective when asked how it felt to be the first black U.S. president.

“It’s been incredibly humbling,” President Obama said, “and a great source of pride to be able to serve this nation as its first and likely last African American president.”

Obama called his time in office immensely fulfilling, knowing he has given hope to some segments of the population while completely alienating so many others.

“I realize how special it is being black in this office,” he said, “knowing that there is practically zero chance it will ever happen again.”

The president went on to say that even if he knew before he ran what he knows now about the fragile state of racial relations in this country, he still would have sought the presidency.

“Even knowing that this country was nowhere near ready to have a black man calling the shots, I would still have run,” he said, “Even as it has become more clear that any move I make will be questioned and twisted by a race-baiting GOP, and every piece of legislation I try to pass is thwarted by the Republican leaders in congress, I still would have sought my place in history.”

After speaking passionately for more than an hour to the third graders, the president apologized for infringing on their nap time and made one final point before saying goodbye.

“Only one person can be the first,” he concluded, “I am in the unique position to be the first as well as the last.  And that’s something to be proud of.”

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