ESPN Reports Dropped Soap Down 70% in St. Louis Rams Showers

ST. LOUIS, Missouri–ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton reported today that the St. Louis Rams have shown dramatic improvement this off-season in their ability to hold on to the soap in post-practice showers.

“We’re seeing fewer and fewer drops,” says Head Coach Jeff Fisher, “Guys are definitely concentrating more.  Across the board, our team is realizing the importance of holding onto that bar of soap.”

Team sources told ESPN that soap drops are down 70% from this time a year ago, a statistic that Fisher attributes to a newfound focus and veteran leadership.

“You constantly see the older guys reminding the younger players to hold on to that bar of soap,” Fisher says, “Soap security has become a number one priority in the Rams locker room.”

Fisher says that around five percent of the team has used soap on a rope, but the majority of the team chooses to use the “old school” untethered variety.  Some have even made a permanent switch to body wash, with mixed results.

“It was definitely an eye-opener seeing the amount of effort these guys put into holding onto a bar of soap,” says Michael Sam, rookie defensive end, “It’s just another reminder that the NFL is a whole new level of football.”

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