Lauren Boebert Says Colorado Gunman Fell One Kill Short of Earning Free Meal at Shooter’s Grill

BOULDER, Colorado–Rep. Lauren Boebert condemned the actions of a man who opened fire at a King Soopers grocery store on Monday, killing ten.

“It’s such and act of cowardice to open fire on unsuspecting victims who are doing nothing more than shopping for their groceries,” Boebert said, “And such horrible marksmanship to only be able to take down ten totally surprised and horrified unarmed civilians.”

Boebert said that if all of the grocery store shoppers had been armed the tragedy could have been avoided.

“If every person in that store had been armed, this would have ended much differently,” Boebert claimed, “Not necessarily better, but differently for sure. It’s possible everyone could have killed each other, but at least they’d have had a fighting chance.”

Boebert added that the gunman also missed an opportunity to earn a free meal at Shooter’s Grill, a popular Boulder eatery.

“We celebrate responsible gun ownership at Shooter’s,” she said, “And that includes being able to hit what you’re shooting at. We started our promotion that if you can get more than ten confirmed kills at once, you get a free meal. This was the closest one, but he just missed it. Looks like it’s up to the next one.”

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