Canada Expedites Construction of Wall Along US Border

OTTAWA, Ontario–As the country prepares to deal with a major influx of illegal immigrants, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that the government has issued an order in council to begin immediate construction of a wall along the southern border.  Prime Minister Trudeau made the announcement in an effort to address concerns following widespread reports of construction activity already taking place.

“I want to assure the Canadian people that this action is being taken in all of our best interests,” Trudeau said, “And it must be completed post-haste.  I felt it would be a waste of precious time to postpone construction until after I had written this speech.”

Trudeau explained that the border must be fully secured prior to the upcoming presidential election in the United States of America, which will likely result in nearly 150 million U.S. citizens, or U.S.’ers, fleeing the country and attempting to cross the border into Canada.  The announcement was met with widespread support from Canadian citizens.

“And after we are sure that no illegal U.S.’ers are getting in, we’re going to arrest and deport the U.S.’ers that are already in our country illegally,” Trudeau promised, “And in response to a question I was asked earlier, yes, this absolutely includes Alaska.”


“Ay?,” he added.

One response to “Canada Expedites Construction of Wall Along US Border

  1. Who the fcuk in their right mind would want to move to “The Retarded Giant of the North”, eh? Our sourhern states are flooded w/ Canuckers fleeing that frigid artic icebox wasteland…The only people with guns there are the fcukin’ CRIMINALS, and their socialist Libtard gov’t. Makes ours seem awesomely free in comparison!!

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