Samuel L. Jackson Celebrates Motherfucker’s Day

Happy motherfucking Motherfucker’s Day motherfucker

HOLLYWOOD–Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson has been named the Grand Marshall for this year’s Macy’s Motherfucker’s Day parade.  Perhaps best known for his role in the film Pulp Fiction, Jackson called it an honor to be chosen for the position.

“Motherfucking Motherfucker’s Day is probably my favorite motherfucking holiday,” explained the acclaimed actor, “Motherfucking Christmas ain’t got motherfucking shit on Motherfucker’s motherfucking Day.”

The Academy Award-nominated actor, who won an NAACP Image Award for his role in the 2013 film Django Unchained, said he hopes his participation will help raise awareness for the true spirit of Motherfucker’s Day, and shine a light on Motherfucker’s Day celebrations around the world.

“Shit, motherfucker,” Jackson added, “Every motherfucking body needs to motherfucking remember what Motherfucker’s Day is motherfucking all about.  Without motherfucking, none of us motherfuckers would even motherfucking be here.”

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