House Sub-Committee Investigates Obama NCAA Bracket

Smart money is always with the 12 over five seeds

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, convened a special sub-committee this week to look into President Barack Obama’s NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket.  Rogers described several of the president’s picks as “imprudent at best.”

“Some of the choices the president has made are downright reckless,” Rogers said, “Sure, a 15 seed has taken down a two in the past, but it can’t happen every NCAA tournament.  Yet this president somehow believes it will happen twice this year.  March Madness indeed.”

Rogers went on to admonish President Obama for perpetuating a sense of entitlement among power conferences, as he has both Kentucky and Duke cruising into the Final Four.

“It’s no surprise the president has Kentucky winning the whole thing,” Rogers said, “We might as well have just skipped the whole season and handed them the trophy last fall.  That’s life in Obama’s America.”

Rogers said the sub-committee, which includes representatives from Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida and Arizona, hopes to complete the investigation by the end of the tournament, and report their findings shortly after the championship game. The things they’ve uncovered to this point, Rogers added, don’t paint the president in a favorable light.

“Some of these picks, you wonder if the president is paying attention at all to what’s been going on,” Rogers said, “North Carolina and Kansas both in the Sweet Sixteen?  That’s picking with your heart and not your head.  I don’t know about you, but it scares me to live in a country where the fella in charge can make such basic mistakes.”


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