Wilmer Valderrama Reviews Sex with Amy Schumer


Each week BWN special correspondent Wilmer Valderrama reviews the sexual prowess of the various Hollywood starlets he has bedded during his illustrious career.  This week, Wilmer reviews comedian and star of The Amy Schumer Show, Amy Schumer.

By Wilmer Valderrama

First off, number one and above all else, I under appreciate a girl with a potty mouth.  It is anti-ladyluck.  And stop telling me whatever I shall do.  I am performed cunnilingus on my own terms and not only because you having forced me too.

The brilliant comedian Amy Schumer is not demure.  She is demonic.  Those were a play on words.  I, Wilmer Valderrama, having made love on hundreds of woman, were at a loss for worse.  She defiled myself.  No meaned no, Amy Schumer!  I am no longer your slave boy.  She mad me leave the lights illuminated and hurt me with leather straps and various apparatus.

And but however, she, the comedian Amy Schumer, has burned her memory on my mind like a fiery ember made of burning flames of fire.  I am like a poet and she becomes my moose.  The jokes you make at my expanse were hurtful and barbarian.  It is a perfectly capable size!  Yet however, you will not escaped my mind.  You having sent me on a journey of self-discovery.  Despite your fiery tongue, you are a lady.

4 out of 4 Wilmer Valderrama’s


Wilmer Valderrama is an A-list actor and star of That 70s Show and one would assume that he has tried his hand as a music producer.

One response to “Wilmer Valderrama Reviews Sex with Amy Schumer

  1. If he made all those errors on purpose then it was funny as Hell, if he didn’t then he needs to take SEVERAL night English courses, because he stinks at spelling and grammar.

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