Embarrassed Obama Unable to Correctly Recall Number of Americans He’s Had Killed

WASHINGTON, D.C.–President Barack Obama drew laughter today when he became embarrassed after forgetting the exact number of successful drone strikes he’s ordered against American citizens.

“Thirty-one? Wait, no, thirty-two, I think,” Obama said before his face grew red and he laughed and started shaking his head, realizing his faux pas.

Katie Morgan, the Washington Post reporter who asked the president if he could recall the exact number of U.S. citizens he has ordered executed at home and abroad through the use of unmanned aerial drones, shared the moment of levity with the Commander-in-Chief.

“It was a nice, lighthearted moment,” Morgan said, “It shows that underneath the veil of this oppressive, tyrannical, radical, dictatorial facade lies a decent, fun-loving, normal guy.”

After Morgan reminded the president that the exact number is actually 28, Obama jokingly threatened to have her added to his kill list.

“You kind of tricked me there,” Obama joked, “I was thinking you wanted me to include victims of the Obamacare death panels, as well.  Or the veterans who seek treatment at our VA facilities.”

“Nah, I guess I would’ve had to guess in the hundreds of thousands then, right?” he laughed, “I tell you one thing, if you ask me Michelle’s birthday, you might find yourself being followed by a drone.”

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