Celebrity Ghost Hunters Premiere to Feature Ghost of Heath Ledger


HOLLYWOOD–The History Channel is set to premiere its highly anticipated new series, Celebrity Ghost Hunters, this week and the show’s creators promise it will be a start-studded event as the crew of paranormal investigators hunt the ghost of actor Heath Ledger.

“The audience is going to see Heath like they’ve never seen him before,” said Rob Ester, the show’s producer, “As a disembodied specter mournfully haunting the places where he lived and worked, tortured by the pain of his unfulfilled promise and the lives of the loved ones he left behind.  It’s gonna be rad.”

Ester, who also created Ghost Hunters, Teen Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters in Outer Space and Ghost Hunters Meet Abbott and Costello, said the team of investigators encountered the late actor in his former apartment, and questioned him on a number of topics such as his legendary career, his ex-wife Michelle Williams and what it means to him to be the only person to ever kiss Jake Gyllenhaal.

“I won’t tell you exactly what Heath said.  You’ll have to wait for the premiere for that,” Ester teasted, “But I can tell you there were a lot of painful moans and bellows and mournful laments.  For a celebrity, he’s actually kind of camera shy.”

Ester said future episodes will feature such celebrity ghosts as Robin Williams, Chris Farley, that kid from Home Improvement, and hopefully Justin Bieber.

“We’ve also got a camera following Keith Richards around,” Ester said, “We told him we were doing a reality show, but we’re actually just waiting for him to kick it so we can catch his ghostly expression the exact moment he realizes he’s dead.  It’s gonna be rad.”

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