Hackers Leak Amanda Knox Nude Pics, Snuff Video

SEATTLE, Washington–Exonerated accused murderer Amanda Knox called the hackers who leaked hundreds of her personal photos and videos “true, vicious criminals” and described the leak as an attack on her privacy and character.

Knox, who recently had her conviction in the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher overturned by an Italian court, can be seen fully nude in a number of photos, and in several videos is shown having sexual intercourse with various men and women before murdering them.

“This is an invasion of privacy on par with sexual assault,” Knox said, “There are some sick people out there.”

Knox said the FBI is investigating to determine who hacked into her cloud account and stole the photos and videos.  She said the invasion has left her feeling violated and afraid.

“What kind of person gets a thrill out of looking at personal, private photos of another person?” Knox wondered, “Or gets a thrill out of watching another person get a thrill out of post-sex murder?”

The forum where the content was shared crashed within hours of the posting, after getting over a million views.  Knox said the incident has taught her a valuable lesson, and that she will be more careful in the future when saving photos, documents, personal information or snuff films.

“There are some horrible, awful people out there,” she said, “But now I know what not to do when taking private pictures or documenting ritual post-coital sacrifice.  Live and learn, I guess.”

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