Study: No One Gives a Shit About Your Problems

Better you than me

LAWRENCE, Kansas–A recent study conducted at the University of Kansas found that no one gives a living shit about your fucking problems.  The study, for which 1,000 students and faculty were interviewed, suggests that everyone has their own shit to deal with and no one has time to listen to your goddamn whining.

A majority of respondents indicated that there are plenty of people worse off than you and you need to gain some fucking perspective.  Additionally, data suggests that thinking about someone other than yourself once in a goddamn while might allow you to understand that you actually have it pretty fucking good, compared to what people in, say, Syria are going through.

The overall findings of the study prove that you’re bringing everyone down every time you bring up your trivial, unimportant bullshit, and if you absolutely have to talk about this shit how about going to see a therapist or starting a blog that nobody is ever going to want to read.

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