Car Dealer Commited to Asylum After Insane Markdowns

The outfit didn’t help

MALLORY, Michigan–Authorities were called to a local auto dealership earlier today when owner Doug Anderson began displaying increasingly erratic behavior while filming a new commercial.  Anderson, owner of Anderson’s Auto Mall, initially aroused the suspicions of his accountant, Larry Morgan, with remarks he made regarding an upcoming holiday sale.

“Doug was talking crazy–saying things about slashing prices and no money down–just insane ramblings,” Morgan said, “It was like listening to a madman.”

As filming commenced on the commercial, Morgan said Anderson continued the alarming rhetoric, at one point even noting that he had “gone out of my mind.”

“Doug was saying things about having to liquidate his inventory to make room for next year’s models and making mere pennies on the dollar,” Morgan went on, “He said–and I quote–‘My loss is the customer’s gain.’  Scary stuff.”

Morgan said he was finally forced to call authorities when Anderson promised on camera that customers, regardless of their credit standing, could pay zero percent interest for the next 12 months with the purchase of a new car.  Anderson was taken to the Sunnybrook Mental Institution where he is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

“I had to step in,”Morgan said, “For Doug’s own good.  He would have ruined his business.  Free oil changes for life?  It’s insanity.”

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