Wilmer Valderrama Reviews Sex With Amanda Knox

Each week BWN special correspondent Wilmer Valderrama reviews the sexual prowess of the various Hollywood starlets he has bedded during his illustrious career.  This week, Wilmer reviews convicted murderess and international sex kitten Amanda Knox.

By Wilmer Valderrama

I am afraid she would has murder me the entire time I penetrate her vaginal cavity with Mini-Wilmer Valderrama.  I, being Wilmer Valderrama.  Mini-Wilmer Valderrama being my junk.  If you know what I mean.  Her is Amanda Knox.  She was murdered people in the past ago sometimes.  What do you think of this name for my junk, Mini-Wilmer Valderrama?  It is a nickname I am trying out.

I made up nickname for Amanda Knox also as well.  It is Foxy Amanda.  When she was just a teenage woman she butchered someone but she is better at it now.  She did not kill that girl.  What?  I thought you say…Okay everyone who has reading this.  Listen.  Amanda Foxy murdered nobody.  Okay, she has leaved the room.  I am certainly she killed that girl.

Making love with a beautiful girl young who is determine to murder you at climax is a sexy adventure.  She is at first only passions until she cums once and then she convinces you that you should dead because you will orgasm the shit out of it and then peacefully be murdered and it will awesome.  Mini-Wilmer Valderrama was his tallest he have ever begun!  If you know what I mean.

Knoxy Amanda finally did not murder me in the end.  I believe my penis, Mini-Wilmer Valderrama, was too strong and regaled her with pleasurable waves of orgasms until she was unable to hold the knife.  Did I mention that she had a knife?  It was scary and confusing and Mini-Wilmer Valderrama was exasperated.  I remove one Wilmer Valderrama for her final ranking for the afraid and confusion she caused.

3 out of 4 Wilmer Valderramas


 Wilmer Valderrama is an A-list actor and star of That 70s Show and one would assume that he has tried his hand as a music producer.

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