Arkansas Judge Strikes Down Ban on Same-Sibling Marriage

These brothers applaud the decision

LITTLE ROCK, ARK.–Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza was applauded today when he threw out a 2011 amendment to the state constitution that prevented siblings from marrying one another.  Piazza says he made the decision with the full support of State Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, who describes the move as a “return to the culture and values that have made Arkansas such a wonderful place to live.”

“We’ve slowly been moving away from our heritage,” McDaniel wrote in a statement, “But this bold move will allow us to recapture the spirit that makes Arkansas great.  Now we can once again look our brothers and sisters in the eyes and tell them we love them without worry that an uncaring government will deny us the rights afforded everyone else.”

As news spread of the decision, court clerks across the state became inundated with marriage license applications.  Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe pronounced today a statewide holiday.

“It’s going to be like one great big family reunion,” Beebe said.

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