G.M. Jerry Jones Named Dallas Cowboys Employee of the Month 288th Consecutive Time

The Cowboys owner led the applause as G.M. Jones was announced as Employee of the Month

ARLINGTON, TX–In a quiet ceremony attended by the entire Dallas Cowboys organization, team General Manager Jerry Jones was honored as the employee of the month for an astonishing 288th consecutive time.

“It’s pretty impressive,” says Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett, “Jerry’s such a hard-working guy, so deserving of this type of recognition.  He’s such an inspiration to all of us in this great organization.”

National Football League records for employees of the month only go back to 1995, but Jones’ consecutive months streak is widely believed to be the most all time.  There has been talk that Cowboys ownership is exploring the possibility of commissioning a statue of the legendary general manager to be erected outside Cowboys Stadium.

“As general manager, you are only as good as your ownership,” Jones says, “And the Dallas Cowboys have unquestionably the greatest ownership in sports.  That makes it really easy to excel.”

In a nod to the past, the Cowboys brought back the last person named employee of the month in the organization before Jones, 87 year old Maria Vasquez, a former member of facilities maintenance who was given the award in February 1989.  Vasquez had to be smuggled across the border from her home in a retirement facility in Guadalupe to attend the event.

“It really leaves you with sense of awe,” says quarterback Tony Romo, “To see this old Mexican lady, her mind completely lost to dementia, and realize that she was the last person to work as hard as Jerry for this organization.  You start to understand how important he is to, not only the Cowboys, but to the entire NFL, hell, the entire country.  Jerry gives you something to aspire to.”

Cowboys ownership presented Jones with a shiny new Mercedes at the ceremony, along with an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.  The only concern was when the hard-working G.M. would take time off to go on a vacation.

“I guess I am a little bit of a workaholic,” Jones chuckled, “But I hope I can be an example for the young people in this organization.  If you work hard and give it your all every single day, no matter what your job is, someday, after I die, maybe you can be named employee of the month, like me.”

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