Unedited MLK “I Have a Dream” Speech Included References to Flying, Raquel Welch

“At one point in my dream, I was delivering this speech nude.”

WASHINGTON D.C.–Noted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. biographer Nicholas Stix revealed today that the speech King delivered during the 1963 March on Washington, the “I Have a Dream” speech, was heavily edited, and for the first time offered a look at the sections of the famous speech that were removed.

“Dr. King was a wonderful orator,” Stix says, “But as a writer, he could lose focus on the subject at hand.  Luckily, he had a great editorial staff to help him streamline the content.  But reading those edited passages today, one gets a fascinating insight into the motivations of this great man.”

In the removed passages, Dr. King explores his dreams further, often in rich and vivid detail.

Just the other night, I had a dream involving the lovely and voluptuous actress, Raquel Welch, and another woman, who I knew to be Marilyn Monroe, but who looked somehow different, if you know what I mean, and these two sexual creatures engaged in depraved and unnatural acts for my enjoyment,

but before I could join in their debauchery my dream shifted, and I was suddenly flying low, arms outstretched like the wings of an eagle, over the city of Birmingham, shooting fire from my blazing eye sockets at the white businessmen below, showing them the true nature of living a life of fear and pain,

but, once again, before I could fully enjoy the terror on their faces, my dream shifted to me, standing before you here, and as I delivered this very speech I realized I was completely naked, but instead of feeling shame or embarrassment, I stood proudly before you, blessed with the heavenly fortune of a large black man

“One can see from these passages the true Dr. King,” Stix says, “A man of flaws and desires, and apparently generous endowments, who was courageously willing to open a window into his psyche for the world to peer into.  It may have been the better editorial choice to remove these passages, but I feel like it is a shame that Dr. King never was able to deliver his full speech.  The speech is already famous, but this would have made it epic.”

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