Obama To Appear in Beats By Dre Super Bowl Ad

WASHINGTON D.C.–White House Press Secretary Jay Carney fielded questions today regarding the growing controversy over President Obama’s participation in a commercial for Beats, the line of speakers and headphones produced by hip-hop impresario Dr. Dre.  Critics question the ethics of a sitting president appearing in a product advertisement.

“The president feels it is important to celebrate the spirit of American entrepreneurship, “Carney said, “And what better way to do so than to listen to some smooth R&B on a product produced by one of his favorite artists.  And for it to air during the Super Bowl?  This isn’t just a win/win.  It’s a win/win/win.”

Sources say the commercial will feature President Obama taking questions from a large group of American citizens.  As the questions turn increasingly antagonistic, from concerns about his actual citizenship, to the socialization of health care and finally into full on accusations of spying on American citizens and taking their guns, Obama quietly slips on a pair of Beats By Dre and the cacophony is drowned out by the soothing strains of John Legend’s “So High.”

While some critics admit the concept sounds entertaining and respectful, others have questioned why the president couldn’t use a different artist that more accurately reflects American tastes, such as Ted Nugent or Hank Williams, Jr.  Near the end of the press conference, President Obama himself addressed the media regarding the controversial ad.

“Let me be perfectly clear,” President Obama said, “Although it is impossible for me to be as clear as the sounds you will hear emanating from a pair of Beats By Dre.”

“The beauty of living in this country is that we don’t always have to agree,” he continued, “But we can have a discourse, and I can attempt to convince you that your music-listening dollars won’t be better spent than on Beats By Dre.  Whether you’re listening to George Clinton or George Jones.  The Temptations or Tim McGraw.  Bruno Mars or The Mars Volta.  With Beats By Dre, you’ll hear the difference.”




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