Proposed Oklahoma Law Would Require A Woman To Knit Tiny Booties Prior To Getting An Abortion

OKLAHOMA CITY–A proposed new Oklahoma state law is under attack by women’s rights groups who argue that it will make it more difficult for a woman to choose to have an abortion.   HB 2114 would require any woman who seeks to end her pregnancy through abortion to first knit a set of baby booties that would fit an average newborn.

“First of all, how many woment even know how to knit these days?” asks Martha Teak, spokeswoman for Women For Choice, “By the time you learn to knit, your baby might already be born.  I think even we would agree that is too late term to abort.”

Surprisingly, it is a sentiment shared by parties on both sides of the debate.  And a selling point to proponents of the bill.

“The intent of this law is two-fold,” says Rep. Sally Kern (R), who co-authored the bill, “First, it will provide a tangible reminder that the woman will be committing murder on another human being, and make no mistake, abortion is murder.  Second, it will make women re-learn some of those skills so inherently necessary for a member of the fairer sex; the ability to knit.  We were even considering adding a requirement that a woman would also have to actually cook a first meal for her imaginary family as well, but that was dropped in committee.”

The bill was overwhelmingly passed by the state senate.  Women’s rights protests are expected at the capital when the house votes on the bill later this week.

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