Results of Vaginal Discharge Study Leaked

MEDFORD, Massachusetts–The findings of a controversial study into vaginal secretions was leaked online today, a week before the study is to be published in Ejaculations Monthly magazine.  Dr. Brooke Hoskins, the researcher who headed the study, called the leak disappointing, but said the findings are still “very exciting.”

“You never want these things to happen prematurely,” Dr. Hoskins explained, “But after all the hard work we’ve put in, just to get our data out there to the scientific community is very rewarding.”

Hoskins and her team learned of the leak after several blog sites began reporting the results of the study, which reportedly describes various methods for achieving female ejaculations as well as the chemical components in vaginal secretions during orgasm.

“News of (the leak) raised a pretty big stink around here,” Hoskins said, “You start seeing this data that you haven’t even released, and, you know, something smells fishy.”


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