Investigator Believes Man Who Smelt it Likely Dealt It

NEWBERRY, Maine–Investigators were stunned today to discover that the man responsible for a stomach-churning odor in a crowded doctor’s office waiting room was the same man who initially reported the awful smell, which bystanders described as a combination of “rotten eggs and skunk weed.”

The alleged assailant, 26 year-old Jeffery Meed, was sitting in close proximity to other patients at the Newberry Medical Clinic, when he turned to his neighbor, 49 year-old John Wise, and asked if he smelled something.

“(Meed) was smiling when he said it,” Wise recalled, “There was something suspicious in his eyes.  Then it hit me full force.  I nearly gagged.”

Witnesses confirm the disgusting stench forced many to stand up and move to the other side of the waiting room and some had to use nearby magazines to fan the surrounding air.

Terry Burnside, who headed up the investigation as he waited to see the doctor for a flu shot, witnessed Meed flee to the men’s room shortly after the incident, where he stayed for several minutes before exiting and leaving the clinic.

“(Meed) hadn’t even seen the doctor yet,” Burnside said, “I went into the men’s room and there was a similar smell inside.  It was faint, but it was close enough to be a match.”

Burnside said that people in the surrounding area should be on the lookout for Meed, who he described as white, six feet tall and about 170 pounds.

“If you see (Meed), you should immediately go to another room or stand near an open window,” Burnside warned, “I believe he could still pose a threat in a crowded area.”


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