Infant Leaves Dad in Car in 90 Degree Heat for Six Hours


ROCK RIDGE, New Mexico–A 29 year-old father of two was found dead in his car in front of the Building Blocks Child Care center yesterday.  Authorities allege the man, Dustin Ashlock, had been forced to wait in the car for over six hours in the sweltering heat while his son, Neal, 2, hung out with some friends inside the center.  When questioned as to why he had left his father inside the vehicle, Neal Ashlock reportedly shrugged and claimed he had “forgetted.”

A spokesman for the police department said the incident is still under investigation, but many people close to the situation have commented on Neal Ashlock’s behavior, noting that he has displayed a surprising lack of emotion.

“It’s so sad,” said Krista Hanks, a cook at the center, “This family has lost a father, a husband.  And Neal, he just acts like he doesn’t have  a care in the world.  Could he have done this on purpose?  How could he forget that his dad was in the car while he played with his friends?”

Outside temperatures were in the nineties while Ashlock waited in the car.  Experts estimate that the temperature inside the car could have approached 175 degrees.  The police spokesman said it will be up to a week before a decision is made whether any charges will be filed against Neal Ashlock.

“This infant ran and played with his pals while his father was literally cooked alive,” said Art Vandelay, a local businessman, “And he wants us to believe it was an accident.  I hope they throw the book at the little fucker, and I hope he’s tried as an adult.”

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