Church’s New Pastor Believes in God a Little Too Much

But he says the facts don’t support global warming

EAST FORK, KY–When Reverend Paul Crockett came to the East Fork Church of Christ last year, the congregation at the small mountain community church was delighted.  Crockett was the hand-picked successor to the Reverend Moses Hightower, who retired after 70 years of leading the church.

“Reverend Crockett is obviously a true believer,” says Robert Jenkins, a deacon at the church, “You could tell right away.  When he said he talked to God, you could see he meant it.”

Most churches in the region are led by preachers who claim to converse with God, but within months the congregation began to notice that Rev. Crockett was a little different.

“It’s not uncommon to hear a preacher talk about praying to God for guidance and whatnot,” says Mary Eichen, the church organist, “But Reverend Crockett always takes it a step further.  He’ll talk about having God over for spaghetti dinner.  Or him and God watching CSI:Miami together.  It’s just weird.”

Eichen says other members of the congregation have expressed their concerns, but that most are inspired by Rev. Crockett’s display of absolute faith.  His devotion is so strong that curious folks have been filtering in from across the countryside to hear him preach.  Jenkins says the church’s congregation has nearly doubled in size since Rev. Crockett arrived.

“There have been many occasions when I’ve looked into his office window and seen Reverend Crockett in a heated discussion with God,” Jenkins says, “One time I thought that maybe he was getting stung by a bee cause he was swinging his arms wildly, but he said that him and God just got into a little physical altercation.  But they talked it out.”

Jenkins says Rev. Crockett lists God as his emergency contact at the church, and has talked about working out with God at the local gym.

“Some folks might think it’s a little strange, but I truly believe Rev. Crockett is a man of faith,” Jenkins says, “You want the man leading your congregation to have a relationship with God.  That’s exactly what we have.  And Rev. Crockett says he saw God bench-press over 400 pounds.  That’s pretty dang impressive if you ask me.”

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