Straight Couple Fights to Adopt Gay Baby

The little gay fella is already becoming a tease

DENTON, TX—When Bonnie and Patrick Jackson first began the process of adopting a new baby boy, the young couple never dreamed what obstacles they would encounter. At first glance, the couple seems like perfect candidates to take on a child. Bonnie works as a nurse at a local hospital, and Patrick is a high school history teacher. After learning they wouldn’t be able to have children of their own, the Jacksons thought they had found the perfect child.

“We knew right away he would be the perfect child for us,” says Patrick, “Even though it was quite obvious he is gay as the day is long, we fell in love instantly.”

What the couple didn’t know is that in Texas not only is it illegal for gay couples to adopt straight babies, but straight couples can’t adopt gay babies either.

“We couldn’t believe it,” says Bonnie, “Our home would be perfect for this child. I listen to Lady Gaga all the time, and Patrick won’t admit it, but I think he kind of likes a few of her songs.”

Soon, the Jacksons were embroiled in a bitter court battle, fighting for the right to adopt the child they both were already in love with.

“Well, not in love, but I love the kid,” says Patrick, “I mean, I’m not gay or anything.”

As their case moves to the state supreme court, the Jacksons are counting down the days until they will be able to bring the child they hope to call their own home. They have even made efforts to make their home more gay friendly, such as subscribing to the Bravo network and cutting beef from their diets. Still, the couple knows they may be in for a long legal battle.

“We only want what’s best for Lance,” says Patrick, “That’s what we call him, because Lance is about the gayest-sounding name we could think of. We just hope the courts will see that we are going to raise this child to be the gayest little fellow we possibly can.”

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