Glenn Beck Asks Listeners to Imagine Obama Having Sex With Their Mothers

And she’s having to hold on to the bedrails

WESTLAKE, TX–Noted conservative radio show host Glenn Beck took a moment on his program today to ask his listeners to close their eyes and imagine a fully naked and sexually aroused Barack Obama standing over their mothers, whose nightgowns were ripped and hair mussed, as if a struggle had taken place.

“Picture President Obama, his penis turgid with hot negro blood, ordering your white mothers to turn around and lift their nightgowns,” Beck instructed, “And at first maybe she wants it.  But soon, she realizes that he has deceived her with lies and double talk, but it is too late as he takes her violently from behind.”

Beck went into further detail, describing things Obama might say to the white mothers of America as he fornicates them from behind, and the anguish they feel as they are penetrated by his abnormally large member.

“Some people believe that the black man was rewarded this incredibly large and vein-y penis through a pact with Satan,” Beck remarked, “That’s not what I believe, but some people, religious scholars, will tell you that this deal was described in detail in one of the lost gospels, the Book of Judas, a disciple who– whose only crime was telling the truth.”

Beck later said that he perpetrated the exercise as a metaphor for Barack Obama’s presidency, which he compared to a rape of American culture and values.

“Barack Obama came to this country from God knows where,” Beck said, “Hawaii purportedly, but if you believe that I have a bridge I will sell you, and used his serpent’s tongue to sell us a bill of goods.  Many people believe he was born in Kenya.  I don’t necessarily believe that but let’s just say it’s true.

“Like most black men he left his black lover looking to take a white lover,” he went on, “Our white lovers.  Our sisters and daughters and mothers and wives.  Now close your eyes again.  Now picture your daughter, your wife, your sister and your mother all engaged in a sweaty, filthy, perhaps bloody depending on the time month and their physical ability to take twelve hard inches, five way sexual imbroglio with your president.  That is what Barack Obama is doing to this country.  Are you appalled?”

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