Billy Ray Cyrus Caught Googling “Honor Killing”

His previous search was “How to dress like an utter douche bag”

NASHVILLE–Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus found himself in hot water over the weekend when his superstar daughter, Miley Cyrus, peered over his shoulder as he was surfing the web and noticed he was conducting a Google search of the phrase, “honor killing.”

Honor killing is defined as an act of murder against an individual that has brought shame or dishonor upon a family.  Although honor killings occur in various cultures and religions, they are usually associated with followers of the Muslim faith.  In many instances, the victim is a daughter who has engaged in skanky behavior.

“I was taken aback at first,” says Miley Cyrus, about the discovery, “But that’s just because I’m not a particularly strong reader, and didn’t understand that the h in honor is silent.  I had no idea what that word was!”

Miley, who has recently gained notoriety for her sexually suggestive dance moves and general slutty demeanor, says she is proud of her father for his interest in other cultures.

“I’ve always looked at my daddy as kind of a hick,” Miley says, “He’s always seemed like some dumb old redneck who doesn’t know anything about the outside world.  I didn’t even know he could use a computer.  And to see him reading about Islam, I was really happy.  It’s kind of like when Madonna became a Jew.  It’s cool.”

Billy Ray Cyrus declined to discuss why he would be looking up the phrase on the web, but admitted he has been a little overwhelmed by the public’s reaction to his daughter’s recent activities, including a whore-tastic twerking performance on the MTV Video Music Awards.

“Oh, that’s just Miley being Miley,” Billy Ray said, “You know, she’s always been a strong personality.  God bless her heart, she has no idea how lucky she is to have been born in a country where girls are free to engage in such behavior, and not in some Arabic land where punishment would be doled out swiftly and severely, and her family’s honor would be preserved.”

“But I just love little Miley so much,” he continued, “I just hope she realizes her good fortune not to have been born to Qays bin Asim, an ancient leader of the Arabic Banu Tamim tribe, who is said to have murdered all of his daughters to prevent them from ever bringing dishonor upon him.  Miley’s such a lucky girl.  And talented.  But mostly lucky.”


One response to “Billy Ray Cyrus Caught Googling “Honor Killing”

  1. Billy Ray may not honor kill Miley but the semi-backward American public is practically honor killing Miley through the media, with all the hate speech and mockery.

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