Set of Breaking Bad Used as Front for Actual Meth Lab

Ironically, the beer is non-alcoholic

Special to Broken World News

By Andrew Cass

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For the past five years, “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan has been using the set of the popular AMC show to produce and distribute high quantities of crystal meth.

“I was an out of work TV writer, I wanted a way to provide for my family should something happen to me,” Gilligan said.

Police said Gilligan created the TV as a front for his drug operation from the very beginning, using the show as a way to research meth cooking and purchase equipment without arousing suspicion.

Initially, Gilligan’s operation was small scale and could easily run out of an old Winnebago, but as business began to grow, better equipment and more space were needed, so Gilligan wrote a meth super lab onto the show.

“We’re not going to lie, it was a pretty genius idea,” Albuquerque Police Chief David Whatley said. “Even when the blue meth started appearing on the streets we just assumed that it was a fan trying to imitate the show. Sort of like when people starting getting the ‘Rachel’haircut because of ‘Friends’ or AIDS because of ‘Philadelphia.’”

By the end of the third season, Gilligan had more money than he could ever possibly spend, but he refused to stop there. Others involved in show noticed a change in the show runner, noting he was angrier and becoming increasingly morally bankrupt.

“He kept writing scenes where children were getting needlessly killed or hospitalized and it didn’t seem to faze him at all,” actor Aaron Paul said. “I threatened to quit three or four times, but he kept finding ways to manipulate me and bring me back onto the show. But I’m serious though, I’m out for good this time… bitch.”

Whatley said Gilligan’s wife discovered what her husband was doing early on, but instead of going to the police she just became incredibly passive aggressive.

“She even had an affair with Mad Men Executive Producer Matthew Weiner to get back at him,” Whatley said.

The police have not yet pressed any charges because they really want to know how the show ends.



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