White House Says Obama Won’t Visit Birthplace on Upcoming Africa Trip

Three year-old Barack Obama plays with his mother in Kenya

WASHINGTON D.C.—The White House announced today that President Obama will be visiting three African nations this summer on diplomatic tour, but due to tight time restrictions will be unable to visit Mombasa, the Kenyan city where he was born.  The president and first lady Michelle Obama are scheduled to visit Tanzania, Senegal and South Africa in June and July.

“There was a discussion that it would be nice for the president to visit Mombasa, where much of his family still lives,” says White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “But there wasn’t time.  I know the president and first lady are disappointed, but he simply has other obligations.”

Among the pressing engagements preventing a presidential visit to the city of his birth is a scheduled appearance at the opening of a mosque near the World Trade Center memorial, as well as a GLAAD fundraiser hosted by talk-show host Ellen Degeneres.  The administration says the focus of the African tour is to strengthen U.S. ties in sub-Saharan Africa, and there won’t be any opportunities for leisure.

“Look, I doubt the president even really wants to go at all,” says Carney, “He’s been there, done that.  There’s a reason he left, and I’m sure everyone can agree it’s worked out pretty well for him.  But I know that as long as he’s there he would like to see the streets where he used to play.  Unfortunately, there won’t be time.  The president is a busy guy.”

President Obama wasn’t available for comment, as he was golfing with former NBA star Michael Jordan and professional golfer Tiger Woods.  But Carney says he is sure the president will meet with reporters at a future date to discuss the Africa trip.

“I’m sure the president is dying to talk to you guys in the press about it,” Carney says, “He loves talking about Kenya with you guys.  If you want to stick around and wait on him, I’m sure he’ll be back soon.  Ask him about the IRS too, or Benghazi.  He can’t get enough of that stuff.”

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