US Troops Training Afghanistan Police Have Difficulty Determining Who To Profile

KABUL–US military forces tasked with training Afghanistan police officers are encountering some unforeseen difficulties in demonstrating the proper procedures for certain aspects of American law enforcement.

“We’re not really sure who these guys should be profiling,” says Maj. William Givens, “I mean, back home it’s pretty easy, but over here every one you see looks suspicious.”

Soldiers describe the Afghani police they are training as “surprisingly intelligent.”

“I couldn’t believe how bright they are,” says PFC Eric Walton, “Even if some of them can’t speak English for shit.”

Compounding the situation is that any Afghani who drives an expensive car looks out of place to the Americans, who feel they should be regarded as a possible drug dealer or thief. Adding to the confusion is the fact that several Afghan police trainees seem to regard their American trainers with suspicion.

“It would really help if someone around here could speak their language,” Walton says, “Sometimes it seems like they think we’re the ones who should be profiled.”

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