Trump: Abortion OK Only When Made to Look Like Miscarriage

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NEW YORK CITY–In an apparent attempt to appeal to both Republican and Democratic voters, GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump today clarified his stance on abortion.

“Abortion is wrong–period.  I’ve been very clear on this,” Trump explained, “But, maybe you could make it look like an accident of some kind.  You fall down the stairs.  It can be very effective.”

Trump said he isn’t condoning a woman inducing her own abortions, but rather having a medical abortion and then claiming to have miscarried, in order to seem more socially acceptable to her family and friends, and to seem morally acceptable to her colleagues.

“I never said you fall down the stairs.  I never said that can be effective.  Wrong,” Trump said, “You tell your friends that.  You say, ‘I fell down the stairs’.  Falling down the stairs can be used for a number of situations. I was the first person to ever use falling down the stairs as an excuse.  And it worked very well and was a tremendous success.”

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